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Entrepeneur Diet
by Tom Weede
Order:  USA  Can
Entrepreneur Press, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This is the time of year for diet books, when we gaze at the year ahead and decide that perhaps it's time to take action on the unwanted bulges that have accumulated in the year that just passed by. Here's another take for the diet/fitness library - 'A Diet for Those Too Busy to Diet!' And aren't we all these days?

The author, Tom Weede, previously Senior Editor of Men's Fitness magazine, opens his book with the very impressive credentials of The Entrepeneur Diet Advisory Board, and follows with case studies of entrepeneurs whose businesses benefited when they finally took the time to make personal health and fitness high priorities. Each chapter begins with a summary of highlights and ends with Action items. The book comes in four parts with catchy titles: Healthy Due Diligence; Start-Up; Building Your Body's Equity; and Guaranteeing Your Return on Investment.

Weede presents studies that show a link between healthy habits and business success - and the converse. He suggests starting small towards a healthy lifestyle, and building on success. His Quick-Start exercises are simple routines that can be done in fifteen minute breaks at the desk. He recommends combining them with regular ten minute energy walks, quoting Thomas Jefferson's advice on walking 'to relax the mind.' After a chapter on myth busting, Weede recommends assessing your fitness as a baseline measurement (he explains how to do so) before getting into preparing for change.

On to making it happen, with ideas on must have nutrition habits and a presentation of the Entrepeneur Diet itself. This comes with a six-week meal plan, including snacks and Quick Fix alternatives, such as a Starbucks Biscotti for breakfast or a Lean Cuisine Mandarin Chicken for lunch. Along with the menu, Weede suggests a two-phased exercise program, using a set of dumbbells. Specific routines are shown with black and white photos and clear explanations. Aerobic and specific flexibility exercises are also recommended.

Finally, part four gets into stress reduction, how to stay healthy and fit on business trips, dealing with specific health conditions - like high blood pressure and cholesterol problems - and how to maintain motivation. In The Entrepeneur Diet, Tom Weede presents a sensible plan that combines healthy eating with exercise tailored to today's perpetually on-the-go lifestyle.

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