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The King's Chorus    by Linda Hayward & Jennifer P. Goldfinger order for
King's Chorus
by Linda Hayward
Order:  USA  Can
Clarion, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

Kadoodle, King of the Barnyard, could not seem to crow bright and early, as was expected of him. Instead, he was crowing any time of day or night, waking up all the other animals on the farm, thereby causing a lack of productivity. The cows were too tired to give milk, the chickens were too tired to lay eggs, etc..

Kadoodle didn't care because he was the self-proclaimed King of the Barnyard, and felt that he could do what he pleased. Even threats by Farmer Bales did not deter Kadoodle from doing what he pleased, when he pleased. 

Eventually, Honketta the goose 'decided to take matters into her own feathers.' She convinced Kadoodle that the King of the World (the sun) needed all the roosters of the world to crow in unison at the same time of day in order to help the corn grow. This cured Kadoodle of his narcissism, as he was grateful to feel that he was part of something larger than himself: the King's Chorus.

I liked this book for its creativity in subject matter, smooth language and insightful perception into human (or rooster) nature. The illustrations are pleasing with a touch of humor. Kadoodle has quite a range of facial expressions for a rooster, and the sun in the sky - depicted as the eye of a giant rooster - was a treat.

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