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Sliver of Truth    by Lisa Unger order for
Sliver of Truth
by Lisa Unger
Order:  USA  Can
Shaye Areheart, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

For those of us who have read Lisa Unger's first book, Beautiful Lies, her second, Sliver of Truth, allows the reader to slip right into the continuing story without a blip. Anyone who has not read the previous book will find that explanations which quickly involve the reader in the plot are carefully woven into the narrative and do not obstruct the flow.

Ridley Jones, after living what she called beautiful lies, discovers that her parents are not her birth parents and their adoption of her might have been part of the nefarious activities of an organization that stole children from abusive households and then sold those same children for profit. Her life and the life of an FBI investigator - a man who was to become very important to her - grow perilous as the story takes them both far from home and back again. Powerful people are involved in this and other shady deals, and death is not a stranger.

Lisa Unger's ruminations on life and how we live it are deep and thought-provoking, but in no way a detriment to the steady passage of a complicated and intriguing plot, full of thrilling moments when all seems lost. Unger has left a bit of the story dangling not important to the enjoyment of a very well-written tale which gives me hope that these same people might make another appearance. Her characterizations makes one want to renew acquaintances with the players involved.

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