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by Robert Taylor
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Savas Beatie, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

I have not a scientific bone in my body. Nevertheless, I was entranced by Paradigm, a novel that equates the stock market trends with gravitational pull. You will start this intriguing new book with the thought in mind that it is fictional. Just a wonderful theory dreamed up by an intelligent brain. It won't take long before you become a believer. Could this story be based on fact? Partial fact? Or all woven out of threads caught in the wind?

Twin brothers discover a granite and cypress box that had been hidden away for years. They ponder its purpose and make an exciting discovery. They find that they can predict stock market trends one hundred per cent of the time. Untold riches might be theirs. Could this box and its message be responsible for the fabulous fortunes made over the centuries? Think the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Du Ponts, Joseph Kennedy. What's to stop the twins from taking advantage of the box's message and accumulating their own personal fortunes?

That's where the fly hits the ointment. Certain factions don't want the box's secret revealed to the world. They've been manipulating the market and the global community for years and don't care to share. A far-reaching search begins to uncover the background of the box and the people responsible for its being. The search goes back to almost the beginning of mankind and works it way forward. The methods of research and findings are almost as complex as the original explanation of the theory. Ancient documents show a single icon that repeats through the years. And it is found in the darnedest places.

Whether or not you have a scientific bent to your mind, this is a book to be enjoyed to the fullest. Action reverberates from the pages. The characters are easy to like or hate as the author intended. The plot couldn't be more complex but author Robert Taylor never wavers from his main intent. Which is to intrigue the reader and have him or her asking questions as to the validity of the story. Paradigm is a wonderful book that refuses to be skimmed through - linger over it and enjoy.

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