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The Mixed-Up Rooster    by Pamela Duncan Edwards & Megan Lloyd order for
Mixed-Up Rooster
by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Order:  USA  Can
Katherine Tegen, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

Some roosters can't get their act together. Take Ned. He is clearly not an early bird. He oversleeps all the time, making the rest of the farm animals late for their morning chores. Daisy Mae, the head of the henhouse, clucks orders to call the head office and find a replacement rooster.

Since he doesn't have to get up early anymore, Ned is now free to enjoy the nighttime, and plays with the nocturnal animals. He soon discovers that the henhouse is unsafe when a snake tries to slither in and steal the eggs.

After saving the day, Ned is still not reinstated but instead is promoted to head of night security, armed with a flashlight, binoculars, whistle, walkie-talkie and a teddy bear.

This fun story is about discovering and using your own strengths. The comical illustrations are full of detail, such as Daisy Mae's clipboard and Ned's purple slippers. The Mixed-Up Rooster is a good book for preschool-aged children.

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