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Shadow Island: A Tale of Lake Superior    by Raymond Bial order for
Shadow Island
by Raymond Bial
Order:  USA  Can
Blue Horse Books, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

On Lake Superior with her family and best friend Roxanne, twelve-year-old Amanda expects her vacation to be dull. Her dad wants peace and quiet and the only recreation appears to be fishing. Great for her dad, but what about Amanda and Roxanne? There aren't even any tourists in the other cabins. The area is so out of the way that only her dad would want to come.

The townspeople take great glee in telling the girls about the ghosts on Shadow Island. What better way to call attention to the place than to say it's haunted? Amanda doesn't believe in ghosts, but she is drawn to the island.

She sees a light moving in the old inn there and decides to get a closer look. Amanda and her friend Roxanne take Amanda's telescope and borrow a boat from the pier outside the cabin. They are unaware of the stowaway, Amanda's younger sister Sally. Sally and Amanda have very different personalities and can never be together without sniping at each other. Roxanne keeps the peace as best she can.

The tides take their little rowboat to Shadow island, even though they intended to just watch the island from the water. The townspeople were right about the tides. Were they right about the island being haunted? The three girls are about to find out.

Amanda is a typical twelve-year-old. She's sometimes bratty, sometimes nice, and loyal to her friends and family. When push-comes-to-shove she's there for her little sister in spite of their constant quarreling. Bial has written a spooky, but funny adventure.

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