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ZZ Dogs    by T. S. Franks & Felix d'Obrin order for
ZZ Dogs
by T. S. Franks
Order:  USA  Can
That's Life Publishing, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Jack Russell Terriers Zeb and ZeeZee dictate this first tale of a new series in their own Growlitch language (there's a glossary to 7 Growlitch words in the back) to their favorite human, Tofitch. This canine point of view provides a wonderful perspective on the doggy day.

ZeeZee is in the habit of teasing young Zeb about his short legs (she calls him 'short stuff') and showing off her longer ones. Though Zeb laughs at ZeeZee's comments, they hurt his feelings. One day he spots a baby horse through the chain link fence at the edge of the yard, and admires the colt's long legs. He sneaks under the fence, crosses the road and makes a new friend whom he calls Lightning. She takes him for quite a ride!

Superb illustrations pull these two delightful terriers into the reader's heart, while the story teaches about the need for consideration of a friend's feelings and point of view. It ends with 'Humans at the front door!', perhaps the beginning of Zeb and ZeeZee's second adventure.
Note: 10% of the book purchase price is donated to animal shelters.

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