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The Dorm Room Diet    by Daphne Oz order for
Dorm Room Diet
by Daphne Oz
Order:  USA  Can
Newmarket, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Already overweight, Daphne Oz was concerned she would gain the Freshman 15 when she went off to college. Her grandfather and father are both cardiac surgeons and her grandmother a nutritional advisor. So Oz had a wealth of information, recommendations and experience to cull for her new way of eating.

In consultation with her father, Oz wrote The Dorm Room Diet. Following her own advice, she not only didn't gain the fifteen feared pounds, she lost ten! While I am not a college student, I think the suggestions to regulate eating would work for all of us. Starting with Inspiration, the book moves onto Getting Informed, with the next section suggesting how to get started. There are eight sections in all - each offering good and doable advice.

Take Get a Grip: Where and How to Eat Responsibly at College. A handful of nuts every two to four hours will keep you from being famished before a meal. Have dinner on the late side so you won't be starving when you're cramming late at night. If you overeat today, eat healthfully the next two days. Eating half portions of foods you love to binge on will cut your calorie intake. Have a small piece of fruit before going out to dinner. This will take the edge off your hunger.

This is just a small example of the really good ideas in here for eating sensibly. Stuffed with wise advice, The Dorm Room Diet would make a great gift for your freshman. And for anyone else you know who wants to lose a pound or two or three, or just not gain.

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