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by Nina Wright
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Flux, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Easter's mother drags her from state to state, looking for a wealthy husband to take care of her. Now they are living in a rusty old trailer in Tampa, Florida, and her mother is pregnant. When will she faces up to the fact that the father of the baby, James Dean Bakeman, won't be divorcing his wife and joining them in Tampa?

Unhappy and harassed by her schoolmates, something strange is happening to Easter. She keeps finding herself in places where she lived in the past. At first she thinks she is dreaming since it's impossible to visit far away places in the blink of an eye. Later she realizes these out-of-body experiences are actually astral projection. She really is in her old house in West Virginia or in her apartment in Atlanta, even though she can't be seen by anyone there.

Standing around motionless during her astral projections isn't making her any more popular at school either. She has no control over when her experiences happen or where she will end up. Since Easter is a natural with languages, only her French teacher notices that she has a problems. The problem is that Mademoiselle is paying a little too much attention.

As if Easter doesn't have enough to worry about with out-of-body experiences and a mother who is pregnant, her best friend in Atlanta disappears and his parents are frantic. Easter needs to know why she is visiting specific people from her past. Is there a connection between them? And where is her friend, Richard?

The school for special children in Homefree is not original, but using astral projection to solve Easter's problems and those of her friends is unique. Discussion questions at the back of the book will be helpful if the book is read by a reading group. Nina Wright also writes the Whiskey Mattemow adult mystery series.

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