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Wisdom Seeker: Lullaby Volume 1    by Hector Sevilla & Mark S. Miller order for
Wisdom Seeker
by Hector Sevilla
Order:  USA  Can
Alias, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lance Victor Eaton

This graphic novel, first in the Lullaby series, uses Alice from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland as the main character but includes Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and many others to tell its fantastic tale.

After Alice learned the ropes of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts dubbed her the 'Hand of the Queen,' designating her the second most powerful person in the kingdom. But with great power comes a whole lot of busy work. Before she can be consumed by such trivialities, Alice sets off to investigate strange disturbances in the kingdom. Of course, her Cheshire cat insists on accompanying her, and before long she is joined by a variety of fairy tale characters, and eventually finds herself on the way to Oz.

Rich scenery dominates the art in the colorful graphic novel but not at the expense of character drawings. In fact, some characters are uniquely drawn, such as Pinocchio who is not drawn as one might expect the wooden lad to be presented.

Wisdom Seeker is an endearing tale that will win any fan of fairy tales both old (the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson) and new (Carroll and Frank Baum). Some might have to spruce up their fairy tale knowledge because this series appears to be attempting to integrate as many tales as possible, with a main cast of quirky characters stumbling through each new land.

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