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Beyond the Gloesmur    by Kathleen E. Deisher order for
Beyond the Gloesmur
by Kathleen E. Deisher
Order:  USA  Can
Lamp Post, 2003 (2003)
*   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

Jondalyn, the sixteen-year-old heir to the throne of Glenora, has decided that it's time to begin learning about governing her future kingdom. While this decision is laudable, her methods leave somewhat to be desired, as they involve thrusting herself onto the center stage of the throne room without any prior preparation, or even permission from the king.

He understandably is not happy with Jondalyn's abrupt intrusion into the Council, and has her expelled from the throne room, after she refuses to leave voluntarily. The guards subsequently escort her to her room. While sleeping that night, Jondalyn is awakened by a sound at her window, which turns out to be a flying horse! Intrigued, Jondalyn opens the window, and is soon riding away with the horse on a mysterious trip to see the Master.

Beyond the Gloesmur is a Christian fantasy novel, which takes readers on a journey to recover an ancient relic, the Belt of Truth, from the evil Lord Sildark, who is trying to gain control of the two lands on either side of the Gloesmur. The Master, the Lord Iyahsu, has called on several young people to embark on this mission, including Jondalyn, who is the only one of the group unacquainted with him.

The story is an exciting one and most young readers will enjoy the exploits of Jondalyn and her compatriots, as she changes from a spoiled brat into a caring young adult. However, the author is a little too quick to explain every thought and action of the characters, and this tends to get old. Children don't need to have the obvious pointed out continually. Also, the use of the Lord Iyahsu and his teachings to illustrate important truths about Christ during the course of the story, is at times heavy-handed. It's often best to let less say more.

Aside from these mild quibbles, Beyond the Gloesmur is a good fantasy with rich detail and language, which is sure to excite the interest of many.
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