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The Newspaper Caper    by Max Elliot Anderson order for
Newspaper Caper
by Max Elliot Anderson
Order:  USA  Can
Faithworks, 2003 (2003)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Rosemary Taylor

Newspaper Caper is about Tom, a twelve-year-old newspaper delivery boy. He and his two helpers and friends, Jimmy and Matt, get into a tight jam in a story that is fun, with episodes of rip-roaring laughter, adventure and mystery. The series is aimed at the middle school years.

The boys' newspaper route involves them in battling a mean dog - a newspaper delivery boy's worst nightmare - and winning with the application of laxatives (an idea I hope does not catch on). They see strange goings on very early in the morning. They witness car thieves (whom they had read about in their newspapers) in action. Tom's fine detective work sets a plan in motion that they almost regret, but of course, they prevail in the end. The three boys end up being instrumental in breaking a nationwide car theft ring. Trust and friendship are challenged, when it appears that an uncle of one of the friends might be involved. The author keeps the suspense going right through the story, with a mix of twists and turns, fear, and hilarity.

These boys have a great deal of freedom and the trust of their parents, with a loving support when necessary. They set out every day with their plans and whereabouts unknown to their families. This gives Newspaper Caper the feel of an old fashioned story in that it reflects how things used to be, before families began to fear what might happen to kids on their own. Given personal freedom within reasonable limits for their ages, this high-spirited trio find wholesome adventure, as boys and girls used to do.

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