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Suite Success
by Liza Siegel
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AMACOM, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

In Suite Success, 'The Psychologist from the Apprentice Reveals What It Really Takes to Excel--In the Boardroom and in Life', with a foreword by Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of The Apprentice and Survivor. This is an interesting guide to leadership and what it takes to excel both in business and in life. The human experience is reflected through the people cast in The Apprentice shows, as a means to deliver to the reader parallel life lessons.

From tried and true advice and business lessons - such as having a positive outlook to resilience - to emotional awareness, we see what it took for the winners to get to the top, and what characteristics of other show participants were successful, even though they ended up being dropped. Tips on what makes a successful and effective leader are shared with examples from participants on The Apprentice, as well as reference to effective leaders such as Eleanor Roosevelt, mayor Giuliani and others. We are told that 'The typical pattern of personality for someone who applies to The Apprentice is some mixture of enthusiasm, vitality, exuberance, sociability, and boisterousness.'

This personality assessment shows that these are not ordinary people, but that they exude a sense of energy and vitality, qualities associated with those who excel. Tips on how these people deal with negative press allow the reader to learn from them and apply that knowledge to their own business and personal life. Siegel tells us that 'You too can improve your ability to motivate a group, inspire confidence, and overcome obstacles and setbacks.' There are numerous suggestions and skills to help break problems down into manageable parts and increase your energy and effectiveness at work and in daily activities.

Being in the zone is not just beneficial for businessmen and businesswomen, but also for anyone to gain skills and knowledge on improving creativity, effectiveness, and leadership in all walks off life. There are even tips on overcoming shyness at the back of the book, to get you started towards a life of excellence. Overall, Suite Success is an informative psychological and business guide into human nature and excellence in leadership.

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