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Five Questions
by Kitty Burns Florey
Order:  USA  Can
iPublish, 2001 (2001)
Paperback, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

Five questions are posed and answered in one woman's foray into her past in rural Maine. Written from a first person perspective, this narrative deals with the issues that have driven her life up to that point. Wynne Tynan's story, for us, begins with her stay at the Edna Quinlan Home for Girls, a house for unwed mothers. As this is the 60's, it's still pretty common for families to send their pregnant daughters away until the arrival of the baby, who is then put up for adoption. Wynne doesn't want to give up the infant, but her parents talk her into it. This event shapes the rest of Wynne's life into a pattern of self-destructive behavior, wherein she feels compelled to punish herself for the guilt that she feels.

Wynne's narration of her story is for the most part compelling, albeit at times with a slightly 'soap operish' tone. This unevenness caused me to step back from the story and reflect on the staginess of some events, but then I quickly became enmeshed in the emotions of the characters again. The language is also somewhat uneven. It usually held me to the story, but at other times almost jarred me with too many physical descriptions. However, despite these slight problems, Wynne's anguish and subsequent erratic behavior come through clearly and kept me interested enough to keep reading the author's Five Questions to learn more.

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