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Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher    by Larry Di Fiori order for
Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher
by Larry Di Fiori
Order:  USA  Can
Knopf, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Jackie's Mom tells him 'If your head wasn't attached to your shoulders, you would lose it'. Yup, Jackie loses items like his lunch pail, and math book, even his own shadow? But, wait a minute - did he lose his shadow or was it stolen?

Jackie's faithful bulldog Baxter runs to greet him when he returns from school. Baxter sniffs around his master, detecting something wrong. Jackie's shadow is definitely missing! He knows Mom will be really upset when she comes home, so Jackie decides to visit 'the smartest man alive', Mr. Socrates. The neighbor has a roomful of special devices and guides for investigating mysteries.

Mr. Socrates concludes, 'AHA! This can only be the sinister doings of the Shadow Snatcher', and tells Jackie, 'Only you can get back your own shadow ... Have the courage to face him and the cunning to seize the right moment.' Jackie and Baxter travel across the river by boat to find the headquarters of the Shadow Snatcher. But getting it back all depends on a loose thread! Foiled again!

Larry Di Fiori (who also designs characters and sets for television and film) pens a delightful, wacky graphic novel adventure, with illustrious illustrations in black and white framed panels. Picture the crooks in striped shirts, spectacles, derby hats, and gruesome expressions. Their leader is tall, wears a big, broad hat, and full-length coat, with a scarf half covering his face.

I highly recommend Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher for children, who will delight in the graphics, such as the spooky house of the Snatcher and his crew. Read and find out why the Shadow Snatcher steals shadows!

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