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Friends Forever!: LBD    by Grace Dent order for
Friends Forever!
by Grace Dent
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Kerrily Sapet

Les Bambinos Dangereuse, or LBD as they're universally known, are back for the summer in Grace Dent's latest novel. LBD: Friends Forever! tells the tale of three teenage friends - Veronica Ripperton, Fleur Swan, and Claudette Cassiera - as they struggle to save their friendship and survive a summer of boredom. Life as the girls know it is about to come to an end as the wicked Cressida Sleeth breaks up their friendship, Veronica breaks up with her boyfriend, and Claude may have to move far away. What are the LBD to do? When the going gets tough ... the tough head off to the Big Beach Booty Quake at Destiny Bay.

The girls imagine a summer of living on their own, tanning next to golden surfer boys, and having lots and lots of romances - all while waitressing at the resort hotel in sunny Destiny Bay. They soon discover their square-shaped boss, Miss Scrumble, is miserably strict. Life isn't quite what they pictured. Cressida Sleeth shows up and they seem to be living in a haunted attic. But it's a summer of realizing that things aren't always what they seem. Will one of the LBD win the Miss Demonboard Babe contest so that Claude's family can afford not to move? Will Ronnie find true love with a surfer who dreams of moving to Australia? And most of all, will the LBD survive?

Grace Dent was inspired to write this book by her own teenaged experiences. She remembers terrible summer jobs of scooping dog poop and serving coffee at truck stops, when all she wanted to do was dream about boys. Her own vivid memories shine through in the hilarious twists and turns in the latest book of this fun series. What will Les Baminos Dangereuse do next?

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