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Invisible Threads    by Annie Dalton & Maria Dalton order for
Invisible Threads
by Annie Dalton
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2006 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Invisible Threads is the story of Carrie-Ann and her birth mother Naomi, told from each of their points of view, in short, alternating chapters. As the story opens, Carrie-Ann, who accidentally learned that she was adopted, constantly argues with her Mum, criticizes her every action, and pulls against the strong ties that link them. In counterpoint to her teen rebellion, we learn how much Naomi loved her baby at birth, and hear the story of her highly dysfunctional childhood with an artistic mother whose mood swings created a life of continual instability.

At sixteen, Carrie-Ann Harris decides to meet her birth mother - 'I close my eyes and try to picture my mystery mum's face, in her mystery world.' She enlists her three best friends to help her in her quest - they drive to Newquay in Cornwall. There's Gem, somewhat of a wild girl, Matt who deals drugs, and Carl, on whom Carrie-Ann has 'had a huge, silly crush' for years, but who is now with Gemma. On the trip, secrets are revealed that strain their friendship, while Carrie-Ann both dreads and longs for her planned meeting with Naomi, backed up by her 'own army of misfits and weirdos.'

Despite a very rough childhood, Naomi Bird had big dreams - her desire for 'the moon and the stars' was only interrupted by her unplanned pregnancy. The whole novel leads towards Carrie-Ann's meeting with Naomi but stops short, leaving it to the reader's imagination. This is a well-told tale of the invisible threads that link us genetically, as well as those that connect friends and family through habit, daily life, and love.

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