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Bear's New Friend    by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman order for
Bear's New Friend
by Karma Wilson
Order:  USA  Can
Margaret K. McElderry, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

On a hot summer day, Bear looks out from his den, 'itching to head out and play.' He starts looking for friends, and hears a clatter in a tree. Who can it be? Bear keeps asking that question, but it takes a while to discover the answer.

Mouse scurries up, so it's not him. 'They peek in the tree, / but nobody's there!' Hare hops into the picture and joins the search, telling them that 'Something sped past, going fast, fast, fast!' They find Badger, Gopher and Mole 'peering into a deep hole', then Raven and Wren fly by to join the gang. When a frustrated Bear demands 'Why don't you like us? / WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY???', a trembling voice answers, 'Because - I am shy.' That's how Bear makes a new friend. Can you guess who it is?

Karma Wilson tells a delightful tale of friendship and inclusion, while Jane Chapman's lovely illustrations bring the summer forest to warm, scented, colorful, rustling life around these engagingly expressive animals.

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