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Strange Visitor: Superman Returns    by Louise Simonson order for
Strange Visitor
by Louise Simonson
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This chapter book is inspired by the film Superman Returns. It opens on agents seeking Superman DNA at a scene where he fought a drug gang. Then we're taken to Project Cadmus, 'a vast underground complex', where a Senate Select Committee for Extraterrestrial Threat Analysis is briefed on two anti-Superman projects - the robotic Metallo (who awaits a brain transplant) and Bizarro Mark 3, constructed from nanoparticles that mimic Superman's DNA.

That lays down the threat. Next we see Superman going about his crimefighting business, while Lois Lane and Clark Kent compete to write the news reports for the Metropolis Daily Planet and Jimmy Olsen makes his first photo sale. Then NASA reports 'an unexpected bombardment of large meteors', another job for the Man of Steel. While he's busy burning them one by one, Lois gains access to Project Cadmus, only to have it hit by the meteor shower. A frantic search for Lois takes Superman underground too.

Metallo gets a brain, one that harbors hatred towards Superman and knows how to network. He hatches a plot to trap his enemy through his biggest weakness. A dumbed down Supermenace causes all kinds of havoc, and Lois plunges headlong into danger - as always. Of course, it's a close call but the good guys win, Jimmy gets a promotion, and both Superman and Clark decide to take a long trip. What next? We'll have to wait for Superman Returns: The Junior Novel to find out.

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