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Solid to the Core: Simple Exercises To Increase Core Strength & Flexibility    by Janique Farand-Taylor order for
Solid to the Core
by Janique Farand-Taylor
Order:  USA  Can
New Harbinger, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

The most problematic area of the body tends to be the core. In Solid to the Core, sports physiotherapist Janique Farand-Taylor says that 'the core of our body is similar to the foundation of a house. If the foundation of the house (its core) is not strong, the walls round it (the arms and legs) will be unstable. You can build a beautiful house but without a solid base, the walls will start to fall apart.' The book offers exercises and options for everyone, from the beginner to a professional athlete like Lori-Ann Muenzer (2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in Track Cycling-Match Sprints), who is mentioned in Solid to the Core.

The book offers comprehensive exercises to follow, to help develop good posture, minimize the risk of injuries, correct muscle imbalance, all in an effort to make you feel strong, energetic, powerful and healthy. 'No more aches and pains. Thank you, Solid to the Core!' is the goal The book acts as a personal core-strengthening coach, offering a varied program to choose from based on individual needs. The muscular system is explained with diagrams and text, stretching techniques are offered, as well as varied forms of core strengthening exercises. From Swiss Ball stabilization to Resistance Band stabilization to Static exercises, there's something for everyone's strength level. A quick test determines which exercises match the reader's goals.

Try all of them if you are someone who needs variety and stimulation in an exercise routine. I have tried all the levels from beginner to advanced - with consistent effort in your chosen exercise regime, results will be noticed. Of course you also need to follow a good nutrition plan to support those health goals. And it is important that you discuss which exercises would be right for you with your health care professional, especially if you have previous injuries. Lifestyle tips are included to make this a well balanced exercise program. Static exercises are offered with a small weight ball for added fun. I found the advanced exercises challenging but effective. Who would have thought that a resistance band could make you feel muscles you thought you didn't have, the next day!

The beginner exercises are wonderful for posture and for those gradually starting an exercise program. Start small and work your way up and vary your exercises with these great choices. Solid to the Core will get you feeling stronger and tone those problematic areas in effective ways! As a result, the exercises strengthen not just your core but your entire body and you feel rejuvenated each time you begin, if you follow the steps consistently and with patience for at least thirty days. Try it for yourself - you don't need a gym, just a small weight ball, or swiss ball, or resistance bands, or all three. Enjoy a different and effective way to work your core muscles with Solid to the Core. If you are a veteran fitness buff you will recognize some exercises, while enjoying new ones as well. This is an excellent book.

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