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Time Warped: Princess Natasha #2    by KOL order for
Time Warped
by KOL
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This is the second of the Princess Natasha series 'As Seen on Cartoon Network'. Natasha is a high school exchange student in Illinois, the incognito heir of Zoravia, and a spy (partnered by the diminutive Oleg Boynski), whose job is to foil the nefarious plans of her evil uncle Lubek (he also happens to be her school principal and science teacher.)

This time it all begins at the amusement park, where Natasha and her best friend Maya stargaze, while waiting for a firework display. After a Booferberry alert interrupts to tell the Princess that Lubek 'plans to change the course of Zoravian history', she spots the villain carrying a machine and follows him onto the Thrill Ride, where he presses the device's red button.

When the blinding flash clears, and Natasha gets off the ride, she finds she's not in Illinois any more but in Zoravia, where she meets Oleg - a younger Oleg! Lubek's gone back in time, planning to change the election results that gave the throne to Natasha's father. So the Princess dons her spy suit and uses both its high tech gadgets and white, sticky candy floss to save history.

It's a fun series, with many amusing moments as when Lubek tells his future self 'You're not the boss of me.' I wonder what nasty plot he'll try to get past Natasha next!

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