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The Torch of Tangier    by Aileen G. Baron order for
Torch of Tangier
by Aileen G. Baron
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Aileen Baron's second novel, The Torch of Tangier, takes the reader back in time to World War II in French-held Morocco. The series heroine, Lily Sampson, has traveled to Tangier to be a part of an archeological team excavating ruins.

Because of the war, Lily ends up at the American Legation, ostensibly writing a pamphlet to help foreigners understand the local people and their customs. Her true mission is to master a code and be ready to send signals that will launch an attack by the allies to squash Rommel and gain control of French Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Of course, nothing is ever easy. Lily is tailed by German agents, who mysteriously end up dead. Deceit and deception reign. No one really trusts anyone else. The action escalates as the day for Operation Torch grows nearer. The characters are finely drawn. The detailed rendering of Tangier streets almost bring their sights and smells to the reader's senses. The calls of street merchants ring in the background.

Lily is a woman a little ahead of her time, ready to do what's needed no matter the risk. She's determined to make a difference, and sets about it with trepidation as well as resolution. The author's first book, The Fly Has a Hundred Eyes, also features Lily in a dangerous situation. I have not read that one yet, but will do so. FYI, Aileen Baron was 76 when she wrote that first book!! There's hope for me yet.

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