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Religiously Transmitted Diseases
by Ed Gungor
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Nelson, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

What is a Religiously Transmitted Disease? It's something that can infect every Christian church, organization, or person. It's something that seems small, a minor annoyance, a rule, or some belief that detracts from an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. 'Though the RTDs may border on what we would characterize as sinful behavior, most of them are not overtly sinful. They are more like adding a pound of salt to a meat loaf recipe, instead of a teaspoon. It ruins the loaf experience. RTDs ruin the faith experience.'

Pastor, speaker, and teacher Ed Gungor explores many of these RTDs - he explains the most prominent ones that Christians will encounter and what we can do about them. Some examples from the twenty-six ailments include:

Borg Disease - when Christian people think they have everything figured out and think everyone else must look and act the same way.

Pharasaic Disorder - making so many rules to protect ourselves from sin that we lose our trust in God's work in our lives.

Spiritual elephantiasis - thinking that everything God does must be huge and dramatic.

Charley horse - When we move from a get to mindset into a got to dread.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and the author gets straight to the point. Never before has a Christian book hit me so hard - I saw myself and others I know in almost every situation he describes. And his transparency makes a huge difference. He fully admits that he's just as guilty as those he's describing, and he gives clear examples from his life. The passages are filled with humor which makes the book even more enjoyable.

After Ed Gungor describes each disease, he gives Bible verses and references to help readers determine what the correct action and attitude should be. In some cases, he provides step-by-step instructions. For example, one of the RTDs is on understanding and interpreting the Bible. He gives ideas for the best ways to study the Bible. Another time, he discusses unforgiveness, suggesting steps to follow to forgive.

Religiously Transmitted Diseases is extremely relevant for today's Christian. It would make an ideal book group or Sunday School discussion book. If you want to completely transform your relationship with God and with others, this superb volume is the place to begin.

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