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The Time Travelers Volume 2    by Caroline B. Cooney order for
Time Travelers Volume 2
by Caroline B. Cooney
Order:  USA  Can
Laurel Leaf, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

This second in the Time Travelers series includes Prisoner of Time (originally published in 1998) and For All Time (first published in 2001). Prisoner of Time centers on sixteen-year old Devonny Stratton (Strat's sister) in the 19th century, and fourteen-year old Tod Lockwood (Annie's brother) in the 20th century. Devonny's brother Strat had been 'tossed aside' by their father, who reported that his son died in a hunting accident, after committing him to an asylum (Strat later escaped.)

Devonny's father has promised her hand in marriage to Lord Hugh-David Winden, who is self-absorbed, pompous and hungry for wealth. Devastated, Devonny kneels in the estate fields begging for someone to save her - and encounters Tod Lockwood. Seeing Devonny, Tod realizes that his sister Annie was telling the truth about time travel. Later, in a New York City church, Hiram Sr. is about to escort his daughter down the aisle, when she disappears. Tod Lockwood went back in time to save her, telling her 'That dress has gotta go' (in one of many humorous scenes in the story.)

Tod passes Devonny off to his mother as an exchange student whose host family did not work out. Devonny and Tod make a delightful team in this third time travel story, as Cooney propels them through scenes with humor, suspense, and many dramatic moments. Devonny is introduced to fast food and mod clothes. She visits Mrs. Lockwood's stock market office, rides in a fast car, and views the Stratton grounds in a future setting, while Tod insists that he has no time to fall-in-love. The 19th century woman is torn - 'Do I want to stay here and 'do'? Or do I want to go home and 'be'?'

In For All Time, readers reunite with Annie Lockwood and Hiram 'Strat' Stratton Jr., as well as a new key character, seventeen-year-old Polish-born Camilla Mateusz. Six feet tall Camilla vows a vendetta against Stratton Sr., who torched a building to end a strike, killing her father in the process. Camilla cuts her long blond hair, dons her father's clothing, ventures forth as Cameron Matthews, and is hired by Duffie Detective Agency. She's sent to Spain and Egypt looking for Strat Jr. on behalf of his father, and also seeking vengeance against all Strattons for herself.

Annie prepares for a class trip to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she plans to set out in search of Strat by entering one of the museum photographs. Annie experiences sensations of falling, and finds herself mired in muddy, swamp water. She has arrived in Egypt, one-thousand years earlier than her intended target year of 1899. In ancient Egypt, Renifer and her fiancÚ Pankh travel on the river, spot Annie among the papyrus, and bring her home with them. And in their future, Strat muses, 'I begged Time to let me see Annie again' ... he soon shows up in old Egypt as well.

Cooney's tales deliver a spellbinding, intense journey through Time, with adventures in different eras. And though these Volume Two stories are exceptional in themselves, for continuity, I recommend reading Both Sides of Time and Out of Time in Volume One first, in order to appreciate the beginnings of the Lockwood and Stratton families.

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