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The Trouble With Tink    by Kiki Thorpe & Judith H. Clarke order for
Trouble With Tink
by Kiki Thorpe
Order:  USA  Can
RH/Disney, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Disney Fairies is a new series of chapter books with readily recognized stories from the magical Never Land, of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell fame. Pixie Hollow, the 'secret heart' of Never Land, is a lively kingdom of pixies, fairies, and sparrow men, within an old maple tree. Each resident has a talent to contribute to society in the Hollow. Mother Dove lives in a nearby hawthorn tree, and as long as her 'egg stays well and whole', no one in Never Land will ever grow up. The fairies watch over Mother Dove, just as she watches over them.

The Trouble With Tink stars Tinker Bell, whose talent is her greatest joy, as she is the mender of broken things. Tink's workshop is located in an upside-down teakettle. While she's busily repairing friend Violet's dented copper pot, Terence, a caretaker of fairy dust-talent, stops by to invite Tink to a neighborhood game of tag. During the lively game, a voice yells 'Hawk', as a danger to fairies soars the sky. All rush into hiding places, and Tink chooses a nearby bush. The danger past and the game over, Tink returns to the workshop, only to discover that her prized tinker-hammer is not in her belt loop. Tink searches frantically, but doesn't find it.

Tink borrows a hammer. Her next repair is for Dulcie, the baking-talent fairy, whose pie plates Tink reshapes. When Dulcie bakes her cherry and strawberry pies, they burn and turn into mincemeat (a flavor which all fairies dislike). Whispers begin to circulate that Tinker Bell has lost her talent. Tink worries and wonders. Could that be so, or is it because of the loss of her special hammer? Tink's extra hammer had been left at Peter Pan's hideout. Terence offers to journey there with Tink, but she worries whether 'the Wendy' will be there. Will Peter remember her? How can she be sure that her metal-repair talent hasn't gone astray? And, oh dear fairies, will Tink be asked to leave Pixie Hollow?

Kiki Thorpe enhances the lovable personality of Tinker Bell, with insight into the bright world of Pixie Hollow, where Tink's 'sense of purpose' fits in to serve the whole fairy kingdom. Full-color illustrations by Judith Holmes Clarke and the Disney Artists beautifully capture fairy characters' wide eyes, their homesteads and engaging environment.

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