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The Wine Tasting Party Kit    by Brian St. Pierre & Karen Greenberg order for
Wine Tasting Party Kit
by Brian St. Pierre
Order:  USA  Can
Chronicle, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I used to run a wine tasting group with friends on a monthly basis - we had a lot of fun, but might have had even more with this handy Wine Tasting Party Kit. It includes a 64-page illustrated booklet, 4 tasting notepads, 2 sets of wineglass markers, 6 linen wine bottle covers and number cards to obscure each wine's identity, and a 'Talk the Talk' cheat sheet of tasting terms and technique.

The booklet explains how to set the stage for both impromptu and planned blind tasting occasions, either paired with a meal or with snacks only. Ideas include collecting similar wines from different countries or at different price levels, trying Theme Party suggestions in the book, or inventing your own tasting combination. It explains how to set up and organize the party, and how to Taste Like a Pro (steps are illustrated in the book and the cheat sheet).

A Wine Lover's Lexicon suggests terms to use (our tasting group added buzz factor to the more sophisticated phrases here), while A Wine Primer briefly summarizes world wines, their flavors and characters. The Tasting Notes provide spaces to jot down each wine's color and clarity, aromas, flavor, texture (don't forget its legs), and rating. Once the covers are taken off bottles, winery, wine name, varietal, vintage and price can be added, for future reference.

Interested in hosting a wine tasting party at home or starting a regular group with friends? Then you won't go wrong starting with The Wine Tasting Party Kit. Enjoy, but watch out for that buzz factor!

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