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Duck & Goose    by Tad Hills order for
Duck & Goose
by Tad Hills
Order:  USA  Can
Schwartz & Wade, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

From different directions, Duck and Goose come upon a big, spotted egg, and they argue about who found it first, sounding just like squabbling kids as they quack and honk at each other, 'It's mine.'

The illustrations are clean and bright, keeping the story's focus on the treasured egg and the small, feathered creatures who are fighting over it - though they do stop to acknowledge that maybe they should do it more quietly so as not to disturb the baby bird inside. They even argue - with a 'flurry of fussing, / grunting and groaning, / slipping and sliding, / honking and quacking' - about how to keep the egg warm, and end up parked on it back to back.

They wait a long time, extending the argument to what each will teach the baby after the egg cracks open. They wait, and they wait, and they begin to bond through bird-rearing plans. And then they get the surprise of their lives. Duck & Goose is a super story that shows how silly childish arguments can be, but also how they can hatch into true friendship.

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