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Jet Pack Pets    by Michael Stewart & Garry Black order for
Jet Pack Pets
by Michael Stewart
Order:  USA  Can
SLG, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Lance Victor Eaton

They're smart; they're furry; they have jet packs. While their inept and witless owners - Mayor Wigby, Police Captain Swerdlow, and Fire Chief Pringle - can't decide whether to use a bucket or a hose, the Jet Pack Pets are already putting out the fire. Princess the dog, Bix the cat, and Rocky the turtle finagle their way through some of the biggest calamities to plague Sky City - including an enraged jack rabbit with a Napoleonic complex, an overzealous animal enthusiast, a possessed Halloween costume, and several other disturbed and power-hungry villains.

Readers will enjoy over twenty five stories of the terrific trio in this volume, along with all sorts of extras including profiles on Sky City characters, Jet Pack Pets Facts, and a map of Sky City - just in case you're ever visiting and want to take in all the sights. Many of these delightful tales are short, as the graphic novel runs about one hundred and fifty pages in length. But don't let the breadth of the story fool you, even the shorter pieces are jam packed with puns and goofy one-liners. First appearing in Disney Adventures, The Jet Pack Pets remains highly styled in cartoon art, which works well since these tales are appropriate for, and directed towards, children (though adults will enjoy them as well). Bright colors on the glossy pages blend fantastically with the cartoon style of the comics to produce stories that reach out and pull the reader (particularly younger readers) into the page.

This stands out as one of those full graphic novels so often compared with DVDs for all the extras that make one's reading experience enjoyable. From Steve Behling's Foreword at the beginning to artists' bios at the end, this volume provides readers with lots of information besides the previously published stories of these three heroes. A never-before published story is also included so that even fans familiar with the series can get something more out of it. Both art and storylines feel like something one would find on Nickelodeon if these tales were on television. The Jet Pack Pets offers the quirky, amusing, and light-hearted material that we all enjoy partaking of from time to time.

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