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The Lumby Lines    by Gail R. Fraser order for
Lumby Lines
by Gail R. Fraser
Order:  USA  Can
Yorkville, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

In a setting reminiscent of Jan Karon's fictional village in the Mountains of western North Carolina, Gail Fraser takes readers to the fictional village of Lumby in the Northwest of the United States. There the similarity ends. Pam and Mark Walker stumble on an abandoned abbey and determine that it would make a great inn. Surrounded by bee hives and vast orchards, it's a little bit of heaven with the Rockies in the background.

The village of Lumby is a different matter. A gourmet Mexican restaurant flourishes, a pink flamingo statuette is dressed for each season and occasion, a dog is elected mayor, a moose wanders the hills with a tricycle lodged on its antlers, a ninety year-old woman wants a prenuptial agreement before her next marriage, two teenagers seem determined to win the title of delinquent of the year, and goats invade a bank vault. All of this is benignly watched over by Sheriff Dixon.

Pam and Mark enlist the aid of their architect friend Brooke to restore their abbey. As in many small towns, newcomers are not looked upon with approval and they all must feel their way carefully. The Lumby Lines is a feel-good novel with lots of heart and angst. I was sorry to leave my new friends but have brightened since I learned that a sequel, Stealing Lumby, is coming soon.

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