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Bat Boy Lives!    by David Perel order for
Bat Boy Lives!
by David Perel
Order:  USA  Can
Sterling, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Lance Victor Eaton

For those of us who know the real cannot be found on CNN, MSNBC, and definitely not Fox, Bat Boy Lives! reminds us why the tabloid media are so quintessential to our every day existence. Without the undying (one might even say zombie-like) dedication of their staff, we would be unaware of the true reality out there. We would stand blind to the fact that upwards of twelve U.S. Senators originate from outer space. Devout Christians everywhere would be unaware that Goliath was capped with a .38 gun, and that Jesus dinned on pizza for the Last Supper (though whether it was delivered, picked up or homemade still remains a mystery). And where else but in the The Weekly World News would American forces discover the courtship and marriage of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden?

Indeed, we owe much to the Weekly World News and the best way of thanking them (besides buying every issue) is to purchase this commemorative compilation of their most popular and thought-provoking outpourings over the years. Filled with black and white photos, headlines, articles, and celebrity profiles (Bigfoot qualifies as a celebrity, right?), this volume covers topics from Adam and Eve to zombies, and everything in-between. On many levels, the book is funny, entertaining, and engaging. One doesn't have to read it from beginning to end but rather just open up to a random article and enjoy. It can also be tackled a themed chapter at a time. Chapters have such titles as Alien Blob Ate My Truck: Tasty Tales of the Paranormal; Idiots Forming National Union!: Extraordinary Exclusives on Politics and International Affairs; and Elvis Is alive: Penetrating Pop Culture Exposes.

While some of the photos can be easily detectable as fakes, others seem more authentic than one would expect. The biggest running gag is the continual reappearance of Bat Boy, who also appears on the cover. Apparently, our active little wingman keeps up appearances all over the world (and even the timeline). Like The Onion, Weekly World News has a morbid and twisted sense of humor - that is of course why it's so popular and enjoyable. The publication has the opportunity to not only ask, but answer what if's that many of us spend much of our lives asking; though our what if's tend to be a bit more mundane than what if Hilary Clinton made out with an alien? This fantastic collection of writings makes the perfect coffee table centerpiece. It will inspire conversations and generate energy at any lackluster gathering. Whether flipping through or reading from front to back, the range of stories will keep readers laughing and smiling long after the book has been finished.

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