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Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels    by Stephen J. Sansweet & Pablo Hidalgo order for
Star Wars Chronicles
by Stephen J. Sansweet
Order:  USA  Can
Chronicle, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels is a giant size coffee table book, enclosed in a die-cut slipcase, for the Star Wars fan and movie buff in all of us. Its Darth Vader mask cover makes a stunning impact, one that immediately brings the movie's trademark Vader music to mind. Opening this impressive volume takes the reader on a trip down memory lane, transported into the world of Star Wars all over again.

There are early sketches, full page photos of the prequels, behind-the-scenes pictures of the making of the movies, the costume and wardrobe tests. There are informative descriptions and pictures of the technical aspects involved in creating the Droids, Starships, Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, Air Taxis, the Jedi Temple and more. And of course, there are all the colorful and interesting characters who fulfill the stories, and a look at the Animated Star Wars: Clone Wars. Details, bios, and full page shots of each of the characters add to the thorough coverage in this comprehensive book.

Learn about the mystery and inspiration that brought us the Star Wars Prequels. Find out how George Lucas created his machines, characters and worlds. Get a backstage pass and an insider's perspective on his ideas, his secrets and genius. Be part of the making of the movies by flipping through the step by step detail of what it took to build all the constructs that transport the characters around the Star Wars universe, and allow them to wage war on each other. Beautiful full-color pictures from the prequels complete this incredible book, which is a must have for the Star Wars fan and is sure to become a collectible!

Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels - which will provoke curiosity, discussion, and revelation - is as fascinating as the movies it describes.

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