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Wolves In Chic Clothing    by Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman order for
Wolves In Chic Clothing
by Carrie Karasyov
Order:  USA  Can
Broadway, 2005 (2005)
Hardcover, Audio, CD, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

The authors of The Right Address serve up an entertaining chick lit read in their second novel, Wolves In Chic Clothing, featuring the 'young princes and princesses' of the wealthy New York Park Avenue set. Julia is a salesgirl for the renowned downtown jewelry store, Pelham's. From modest roots in Napa Valley, California, she hopes to realize her dream of designing jewelry. She moves to New York and accepts a sales position at Pelham's, planning to eventually break into the jewelry design business on her own. Meanwhile, she has bills to pay and a sales job at the elite store is a step in the right direction.

At the beginning of the novel, Julia is abruptly swept off the sales floor by her supervisor, Giselle, and instructed to courier an extremely valuable necklace over to Lell Pelham, who is soon to be married and will be photographed in a Vogue shoot wearing the necklace. When Julia, who has model looks and a style that mimics Caroline Kennedy, delivers the jewelry, Lell and the bridesmaids take a curious liking to her. Clearly, Julia is not 'one of them' as she has neither the money nor the social standing of Lell and her followers, but Julia has an aura about her that leaves people intrigued.

After the wedding, Lell and her matron of honor, Polly, decide to take Julia under their wing; their goal, unbeknownst to Julia, is to turn her into a refined society goddess. Really, Lell and Polly are bored and want a project to occupy them. Whether they really have Julia's best interests in mind is questionable. Unfortunately, Julia becomes a victim, of sorts, when Lell's husband makes it clear that he is fond of her. Julia's new friends unceremoniously decide that she is worthy of neither their attention nor time. Understandably, Julia's head is spinning as she is forced to return to the reality of normal clothes and the burdens of daily life.

Wolves In Chic Clothing is like a decadent dessert of the right size. It is a slim novel, which is a good thing, because too much fluff can easily turn a great chick lit story into a bore. This is not the case here, as the authors have a knack of writing an entertaining, witty story about the rich and superficial 'socialite set' in New York, and Julia is a likeable character. I highly recommend the book to chick lit fans wanting a quick, fun read and I look forward to reading more by Karasyov and Kargman.

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