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Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer: A Blog    by Robynn Clairday order for
Confessions of a Boyfriend Stealer
by Robynn Clairday
Order:  USA  Can
Delacorte, 2005 (2005)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

It all starts during school vacation. CJ Thompson is in Cancun, Tasha Dombrowski is skiing in Colorado, while the story's heroine, high school junior Genesis Bell is at home in Jamaica Plains, Florida. Genesis aspires to become a filmmaker. She has decided to produce a documentary, 'The True Terrible Fiesta Beach Story', on a party to be given by juniors and seniors. While thinking about it, Gen needs a snack - her fav is Doritos and M&M's. Of the latter she says, 'I know it sounds like a gaggy combo but it's surprisingly good ... I think the body needs regular doses of junk food.'

CJ and Tasha are Gen's best friends - they are labeled the 'Terrible Three'. Classmates dislike CJ and Tasha because of their reputation for stealing other girls' guys. CJ's latest boyfriend is Nick Pilates, and Tasha's newest claim is Chi Nguyen. Genesis gets an unexpected call from Nick, who invites himself to her home to view videos. Before he leaves that evening, he invites Gen to a nasty dive to listen to music and share a pitcher. Unexpectedly, they kiss - no big deal, or was it? Another day, the phone rings and Chi is calling for advice on love. He invites Gen to the IHOP restaurant. After all, 'it was just a counseling session', thinks Gen. Chi tells Gen that he and Tasha 'are probably not meant-to-be, so I was hoping I might have a chance with you?' Oy!

On the home front, Gen is expected to cater to mom Angela and sister Shay. Genesis is responsible for keeping the bills paid, scheduling repairs, and organizing meals. Mom announces that she is in love with her latest man, Kenny and plans to become a born again, as Kenny will not be intimate with her until then, and of course, he is still married, planning on divorce. In her blog, Genesis records: 'Love: Means never tattooing a guy's name on your butt. (But if he wants to tattoo mine on his, I'm cool with it.)' Gen analyzes her friends, their boyfriends, and her sister and mom, which sometimes turns into good advice and other times into trouble! She helplessly attempts to avoid the heat between mom and sis, and she has been dubbed a 'boyfriend stealer'.

Just when the reader thinks that the relationships and the story are getting complicated, they become even more complicated. Robynn Clairday writes in a unique format, addressing teen concerns. The story is in first-person narrative by Genesis, mixed with a Message Board blog. Board participants share thoughts about Genesis' postings and problems. Between the story-lines are lessons about the shallowness of so-called friends (who treat Gen as a third-wheel), that a person needs to stand up for herself, and last but not least that one should not take on too many other people's loads of woe. Clairday's book is witty, humorous, at times serious, and with some nonsense on the side.

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