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The Nature Treasury: A First Look at the Natural World    by Lizann Flatt order for
Nature Treasury
by Lizann Flatt
Order:  USA  Can
Maple Tree, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This oversize, colorful hardcover entices kids to look closely at the natural world in all its engaging variety. For interactive fun, readers are encouraged to find and count highlighted animals (shown on top of their shadows) in pictures of various landscapes.

All Kinds of Animals are presented, from Mammals to Arachnids, with pictures of examples in each category. Next come All Kinds of Plants, from Flowering plants to Lichens. We learn how different plants and animals grow, through sample life cycles. A chart shows chains of what critters eat (often other animals). We see elements of the environment - Soil, a Tree, Grass, Air, Water - up close and in detail.

Interspersed throughout are landscapes full of different plants and animals to find among the trees, in the snow, or under the ocean - a North American Mixed Forest, a South American Rain Forest, a North American Prairie, African Savanna, Arctic Tundra, Arabian Desert, a West European Lake, a North American River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the colorful Great Barrier (Coral) Reef.

The Nature Treasury is a treasure. Use it to introduce children to the wonders of the outdoors all over the world.

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