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Creepy Chicago: A Ghosthunter's Tales of the City's Scariest Sites    by Ursula Bielski order for
Creepy Chicago
by Ursula Bielski
Order:  USA  Can
Lake Claremont Press, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Kids, are you planning to explore Chicago? Do ghosts fascinate you? If so, then make sure you take Ursula Bielski's Creepy Chicago with you on your trip. Bielski's book is divided according to location, allowing you to see if there are any ghosts in the area you are sightseeing. The appendix includes a list of tools needed for ghosthunting, and questions to ask ghost eyewitnesses.

Short chapters provide information on where ghosts have been spotted. However, the author does not go into much depth about each haunt; she just gives the basics of common sightings and the legend. The only ghosts that get more than a paragraph or two are: Frank Leary's handprint at the old firehouse on 13th Street and Oak Avenue; Hernando Rodrickkez at the Magic Hedge at Montrose Point; Father Arnold Damen of Holy Family Roman Catholic Church and St. Ignatius College Preparatory High School; and perhaps Chicago's most famous ghost Resurrection Mary of Resurrection Cemetery on Archer Avenue.

The brief mention of each haunting makes Creepy Chicago less scary than many ghost books a good thing for kids who like the topic but frighten easily. The sparse descriptions make the reader want to know more about the haunted sites, making this a wonderful prompt for further research ... and a scary tourist guide to the city. I know that I am tempted to look for a few of these ghosts the next time I go to Chicago in broad daylight, that is!

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