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Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Heath for Dogs & Cats    by Richard H. Pitcairn & Susan Hubble Pitcairn order for
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Heath for Dogs & Cats
by Richard H. Pitcairn
Order:  USA  Can
Rodale, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

These days it's not only humans who use homeopathic alternatives. According to Dr. Pitcairn, cats and dogs also benefit greatly from 'a system of medicine that could do a better job that what I was taught in veterinary school'. He discusses chemicals and additives that we already know are detrimental to humans, and that are just as bad for animals. Even using common commercial cleaners and other products around the house can have negative effects on your beloved pet, something that we might not always consider as we happily scour those toilet bowls and ovens. Pitcairn offers safer and more natural ways to clean your house and makes additional suggestions on how you can make the indoor environment healthier for you and your pet.

Another important topic is the eye opening 'What's Really in Pet Food', in which the author explains how commercially manufactured foods can actually make your pet sick. Take for example cats with chronic conditions like mouth and gum problems, bladder inflammation and skin irritations. Pitcairn says that most of them will make remarkable recoveries if fed food rich in taurine, an element found largely in raw proteins. To help put more natural foods back into your pet's menu, the doctor offers a section on 'Easy to Make Recipes for Pet Food' that includes such yummies as Dog Loaf, Canine Oats and Eggs, and Quick Canine Hash. All the recipes contain plenty of natural proteins and grains. Recipes for our feline friends include Beefy Oats, Mackerel Loaf and Quick Feline Eggfest.

The second part of the book is a Quick Reference guide that outlines a wide array of common pet ailments, how to spot them and natural ways to treat the problems. Whether you seek general information on caring for your dog or cat, or are looking specifically for a more holistic way to address a particular pet ailment, this book fits the bill. Dr. Pitcairn covers many important topics in Natural Heath for Cats and Dogs and it's clear that he truly loves animals. His acknowledgement at the beginning of the book - 'to all the animals of the world, both domestic and wild, who feel, who suffer too much, yet show delight and forgiveness to us, who share with us the fate of this increasingly fragile planet - we offer our appreciation and hope that this work will be off benefit' - says it all.

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