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The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History    by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. order for
Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
by Jr., Thomas E. Woods
Order:  USA  Can
Blackstone, 2005 (2004)
Softcover, Audio, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Lance Victor Eaton

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History greets listeners with facts of history that the politically-correct camp (also known as those pesky liberals) will often and strongly disagree with. Spanning the history of the United States, this audiobook quotes prominent leaders and historical documents on numerous debatable topics including race-relations, political actions, and wars.

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., Ph.D presents his material as the end-all statement on the matter. He quotes founders as if this were the only point of view held by that person or group. Something that often eludes people is that the founding fathers were politicians. Like all politicians throughout history, their own words often prove contradictory, depending upon which crowd they were addressing. The author's stalwart delivery of the facts makes him just as guilty as the extreme defenders of politically-correct positions. What's missing about his piece is an understanding of history's subjectivity. Most historians will explain that what we know as history is not a collection of facts but rather an ongoing debate about what happened, what influenced events, and how it all fits together.

Barrett Whitener reads this nonfiction piece just as well as he reads fiction. His inflection and tone stimulate and engage listeners rather than allowing them to get lost in a sea of facts. Whitener delivers like an animated professor in a class lecture. When he reads quotes from founding fathers and historical documents, he musters an authoritative voice that differentiates itself from the main tone of the piece.

This audiobook is not for all. People with strong beliefs about political correctness may be disturbed by Woods' presentation. Others may simply find some of his work (at times sources are not cited) dubious. But he does provide a colorful and different perspective on American history. And Whitener's delivery makes this one of those audiobooks where the quality of the narrator might be strong enough to overcome any listener's disagreement with the author.

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