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Against the Grain: 150 Good Carb Mediterranean Recipes    by Diane Kochilas order for
Against the Grain
by Diane Kochilas
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

In this fourth cookbook, Diane Kochilas, proclaims that the key to good and healthy eating is moderation. She says that, 'Although complex carbohydrates are an integral part of the broad Mediterranean kitchen, food in this part of the world is by no means limited by its reliance on bread, pasta, rice and other carb-rich raw ingredients.' Each recipe has its caloric content listed as well as other necessary information on fiber and carbs and so on.

Take a closer look at the food traditions in that part of the world and it is easy to see the variety available; such as fresh fish, lamb, poultry, pork and other meats. Not to mention the endless array of vegetables and greens, and dairy to satisfy anyone's appetite. Olive oil is another ingredient called for in almost every recipe. Kochilas calls it 'liquid gold.' Kochilas' belief is that 'the gamut of Mediterranean foods that can be tailored to carb-conscious cooking is vast. For so many Americans, the flavors, techniques and raw ingredients of the Mediterranean have become second nature. Carb-friendly eating is not just a flash-in-the-pan trend, but a way of life well in the mainstream. It makes perfect sense to marry the two.' She then places before our ready forks 150 wonderful recipes that can help this vastly overweight nation of ours to eat sensibly and very well - and not pay the price in extra pounds to lug around.

I can't begin to list the many recipes that caught my eye. You'll have to treat yourself to a copy of this great cookbook to find your own favorites. I hope to surprise my Italian son-in-law with Italian Spinach Soup with Brown Rice and Parmesan. He and my daughter are both chefs, so I would love to wow them with my own prowess at the stove. I'm sure that Cold Roasted Pepper Soup with Feta Cream would also make an impression. Clay Pot Chicken with Roasted Lemons strikes me as a nice change from the usual grilled chicken. The inclusion of lemons fascinates me. On a trip to Greece and Turkey I fell in love with lamb kabobs. It's been some years since I've been there, but I can still almost taste those wonderful flavors. Spicy Lamb Kabobs might return that wonderful treat to my tongue. I'd love to try Pork Medallions Marinated with Olives and Orange. And who could resist Cinnamon-Scented Cauliflower Stew?

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