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Constant Craving: What Your Food Cravings Mean and How to Overcome Them    by Doreen Virtue order for
Constant Craving
by Doreen Virtue
Order:  USA  Can
Hay House, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Read Constant Craving and enjoy interpreting your own food cravings, as well as your friends' and family's. Doreen Virtue - through experience, and scientific, psychological and metaphysical research - suggests that deep down our hunger is rarely physically based. She tells us that it is usually based on a desire to feel better this instant. If you are constantly thinking about food, constantly dieting, or craving a certain food, read this book to be enlightened about your present need, and to take control of your life, instead of having food control you.

If diet books have not worked for you in the past, try this fun book, delve deeply, and enjoy the process of getting to know yourself through your food choices and cravings. The author indicates that by being honest, and asking ourselves the various questions contained in this book, we can all lead a more balanced life and not have to diet ever again. By learning to associate a particular food with the feeling we're desiring, we realize that we are not craving the actual food but instead are craving a feeling, and we develop a preference for a food because it has produced a positive feeling within us.

Find out why you crave ice cream all the time or this minute, and be specific, why Rocky Road Ice Cream? The food chart at the end of the book lists foods we may crave, the probable meaning behind the craving, and an affirmation to guide healing and peace of mind. There is even a special chapter on chocolate, and why we may be craving chocolate all the time or at a particular time. This book delves into the link between personality and behavior towards certain foods. It includes suggestions on how to improve eating habits, what to substitute, and how to interpret constant food cravings, in order to make better choices. Helpful tips range from surviving Thanksgiving Holiday get-togethers to eating in restaurants.

Constant Craving takes into consideration the person as a whole and the individual's mind and body health. The fact that this self help book is at once humorous and deeply informative makes the journey towards understanding ourselves through food cravings that much more enlightening.

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