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The Seitai Method    by Kuniaki Imoto order for
Seitai Method
by Kuniaki Imoto
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Kodansha International, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

The Seitai Method, a therapeutic bodywork developed in Japan, is a Holistic approach to staying healthy through body alignment and stretching exercises. Use it to explore the excellence and perfection of the power of the human body to heal itself, as you stretch and follow the basic movements, designed for specific common ailments such as headaches, strained back, stiff shoulders from aging, stomach cramps, energy loss, or fatigue. Of course, these exercises should be performed only after seeking the guidance of qualified medical professionals.

According to the theory of the Seitai Method, the alignment techniques eliminate abnormalities and stiffness in the body to produce wellness and health. Seitai techniques stimulate the body to recognize, and adjust, an abnormality. Through more than fifty years of experience guiding people with Seitai, Kuniaki Imoto has witnessed encouraging results. By continuing in the research and practice of the Seitai method - passed down from Imoto Seitai and used during the second World War to heal patients - Kuniaki Imoto offers exercises for the Western world to enhance circulation and align the body's skeletal and musculature system in order to balance the patient's body back to health.

The reader will recognize some of these techniques as ancient methods that have been passed down through generations. The hot moist towel approach to reduce fever (one you are likely to find familiar) is a simple technique that you can do by yourself. All the exercises in this book can be done alone to relieve common ailments. Relief can be obtained from such chronic problems as back pain, constipation, or a stiff neck after sleeping. Stretch your way to good health following these simple yet effective techniques. I have tried the Seitai Method for back pain and cold symptoms, have managed to relieve symptoms and brought my body back to health. With patience, these remedies do work. And what better way to treat yourself than the natural way, helping your body heal itself?

Use the Seitai method, in addition to your current treatment, for better health. Apply these exercises as a means of prevention, and of strengthening your body, to withstand or shorten the duration of ailments such as colds, stomach cramps or stiff shoulders. Individuals of any age could follow these simple, slow and natural techniques which promote alignment and well-being. I highly recommend The Seitai Method for those looking for an alternative means of therapy towards holistic well-being.

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