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Juice!: Over 110 Delicious Recipes    by Pippa Cutherbert & Lindsay Cameron Wilson order for
by Pippa Cutherbert
Order:  USA  Can
Good Books, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The authors remind us that 'Eating fruits and vegetables is a vital part of a healthy, balanced diet' and suggest 'sipping on exquisite juice concoctions' as an easy and satisfying way to meet that requirement. They recommend keeping a juicer permanently on the kitchen counter so that juicing becomes a way of life. An introduction covers different kinds of juices and blenders - both of which are needed for these recipes - and juicing methods. Standard weights are provided for different quantities (single, a handful, a bunch) of fruits and vegetables.

Some recipes include herbal supplements as ingredients - the authors indicate these should be omitted for children and pregnant women. Recipes are grouped under different times of day from 'Wake-up call' in the morning to 'Evening relaxers' at night. There's also a chapter on 'Cleansers'. At the back of the book is a handy table of fruits and vegetables, listing seasonality, storage tips, benefits and juice yield. This is followed by a section on 'Herbal remedies', like wheatgrass, spirulina and gotu kola, as well as the more common honey, nuts and seeds.

On to the good part, the recipes! In the morning, I'd go with the Café cooler (which includes expresso and banana in its ingredient list) or maybe the Tropicana if I can track down mangos and passion fruit, or the Flightless fuzzy (with kiwi). I'll try Suspended passion and Vampire juice (this is one of many recipes including beetroot) just for the names. At lunch-time, I like the look of Avocado ice, the peppery Rejuvenator, Maple butter (with butternut squash), and hot Zumo picante (which adds onions and tabasco to tomatoes).

Time for afternoon Energizers? I'll go for a Royal lassi (with soy milk) or Tuscan nectar (with grapes and figs). Next comes afternoon Cocktail Hour, when my vote goes to a nutty Malibu cooler or sweet Cherry berry. Later in the evening, Blackberry pie appeals, or perhaps a Maple marvel (with plums and yoghurt). Whether you prefer sweet or spicy, Juice! has a broad selection of delicious concoctions for healthy sipping at any time of day.

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