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Babci's Angel    by Richard P. Lewandowski & Kathryn H. Delisle order for
Babci's Angel
by Richard P. Lewandowski
Order:  USA  Can
Ambassador, 1998 (1998)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Reverend Richard ('Frrich') Lewandowski gives us an enchanting story of two brothers, Peter and Scott, who love their grandparents, Babci and Dziadzi (pronounced - Bahb'chee and Jah'jee - Polish for Grandma and Grandpa). Scott and Peter visit their Babci and Dziadzi many times. Their grandparents are special because they were born in a 'far off country', Polska (Poland), and speak the language of their birth.

Peter and Scott were often brought into the attic to look at old toys and photos, and told stories about the 'olden days'. Their favorite tale is 'Babci's Angel' ... in the old country when Babci was a little girl, there were no clock radios or alarm clocks. While saying her prayers at bedtime each night, Babci would ask her angel to awaken her on time. Faithfully each morning, the angel would wiggle Babci's big toe, 'gently waking her'.

Babci told the boys to pray to the angel whenever they need help. During one visit, Peter and Scott were sledding in their grandparents' yard. Scott's sled hit a tree. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The doctor informed the parents, grandparents, and Peter that his brother was unconscious. Remembering Babci's story, Peter kept saying to the angel, 'Please wake him upů Please wake him up.' Peter looked at the hospital bed and saw Scott's big toe wiggle! He shouted, 'Look at his toe ... it's Babci's angel.'

Richard Lewandowski is a Roman Catholic priest in Worcester, Massachusetts, who has also published It's Christmas Again, The First Easter Bunny and Shooting Stardust. Kathryn Delisle's illustrations - sketched with thin black outlines and enhanced with red, blue, and yellow - add warmth to this endearing story. From my Polish serce (heart), I commend Father Lewandowski's books to children of all ages!

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