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First, Do No Harm    by Larry Karp order for
First, Do No Harm
by Larry Karp
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

First, Do No Harm is Larry Karp's fourth novel, the first three comprising a series. Karp collects antique music boxes, snd incorporates a music box as important to his plot. Karp also practiced perinatal medicine, and integrates this knowledge into the storyline.

Martin Firestone, a computer technologist, becomes fascinated with medicine and decides to go to medical school. But when he tells his father of his decision, the man turns ballistic. Father and son meet for a drink and a story unfolds that first fascinates the son and then horrifies him. Leo, the father recounts his own teenage years as an apprentice to his doctor father. He accompanied Martin's grandfather Samuel, whom the small New Jersey town they lived in revered as a savior, on his medical rounds. What appears as unethical to the son is just the cost of saving lives from the father's perspective.

As one mis-step after another leads to total misunderstanding, a story evolves that has haunted the father for sixty-five years. The action in this novel moves along at a satisfying clip. As Leo relates his years of following his father into sickrooms and hospital rooms, today and yesterday vie for attention but never confuse. The characters are as gritty as they need to be. It's hard not to be sympathic to Leo, even while railing at him for the actions that bring on disaster. First, Do No Harm is hard to put down once started. A good read from first page to last.

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