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Speak Out!    by Joanna Crosse order for
Speak Out!
by Joanna Crosse
Order:  USA  Can
A & C Black, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

This is an excellent book about using your voice effectively to authentically express who you are. Joanne Crosse teaches us that how we use our voice is a reflection of our identity, personality and even our self-esteem.

By the time you finish Speak Out!, you will have an easier time finding the right words and the right way to say what you want, in order for your message to be understood. Whether you have a speech, an interview, or an important confrontation coming up, there is helpful advice here. Crosse, a journalist and network broadcaster, discusses preparation skills, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and being in the moment. She gives tips on how to feel good about yourself, with the aim of sounding more real and more confident.

Joanne Crosse shares examples of people with different voice issues, giving an in-depth analysis for each. This helps readers learn how to use their voice assertively as a means 'to say what you mean and mean what you say from a place of strength, compassion, integrity, congruity and straightforwardness, and speak as the strong, mature, gracious and well-balanced person that you are'. Crosse encourages us to believe in ourselves and have our voice reflect the positive self-esteem within us, and so enhance our ability to communicate clearly.

Speak Out! is a valuable book for all. Teens, corporate clients, company executives, politicians, health professionals, police officers, all individuals who interact daily with others, would benefit from reading this how-to on successful communication.

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