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Bush on the Couch
by Justin A. Frank
Order:  USA  Can
Regan, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

I grew up believing the printed word. If it was in print, it had to be true. I outgrew that folly. In reading Bush on the Couch, I'm inclined to fall back on my younger beliefs, perhaps because the book feeds into my own biases. If the author, Dr. Justin A. Frank, is to be believed, President George W. Bush is a man who has never addressed the issue of the death of his little sister Robin, who died of leukemia when George was five.

According to Dr. Frank, Bush grew up without help in dealing with his sister's death. He had a perpetually absent father. He drank heavily for twenty years and has never received treatment - the author states that Bush has substituted routine, exercise and religion for his 'alcohol addiction'. He tells us that, although claiming to be born again, Bush does not attend church, and that he has looked to others to get him out of any difficulties he has gotten into. And doesn't want to take responsibility for any of his own actions. Again, all this is stated by Dr. Frank. Incendiary stuff.

Dr. Frank has never had George W. Bush on his couch but feels that by observing him closely he can see the man under the public fašade. This external analysis gives him the opinion that Bush labors under learning difficulties, which could account for his difficulty with the English language. And for not being able to put his thoughts together coherently. From Frank's viewpoint, when Bush is asked a question he does not care to answer - or can't answer - he tends to attack his questioner or cuts the interview off. He often promises one thing and then does the direct opposite. And seems pleased with himself in doing so. We are told that the famous smirk can be accounted for by his feeling that he is in charge.

I could go on and on. And I have not even gotten into the Iraq war. Read the book and decide for yourself how you feel about the U.S. president. Again, remember this is one man's opinion. I picked up Bush on the Couch, thinking it was not a book I really wanted to read, and literally couldn't put it down.

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