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A Tapestry of Hope: Lights of Lowell #1    by Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller order for
Tapestry of Hope
by Tracie Peterson
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

In 1846, Jasmine Wainwright is living a sheltered, but ideal life, on her family's cotton plantation. Although she's eighteen, Jasmine isn't in a hurry to get married, enjoying her pampered position as the only daughter. At dinner one spring evening, Jasmine's father hosts two brothers, Bradley and Nolan Houston, who are from Lowell, Massachusetts, and are active in the cotton mills. The eldest, Bradley, is all business, seeking to obtain the Wainwright cotton shipments. Nolan is quieter, and shares many of the same interests and beliefs as Jasmine.

After traveling north to visit with her grandmother, many arrangements are made. Jasmine will stay in Lowell for a few months, spending time with her grandmother and attending social functions. Bradley cuts a cotton deal with Jasmine's father, and at the same time seeks to court Jasmine. The marriage would be ideal in his eyes, since it would greatly enhance his business standing. But Jasmine does not want a marriage of convenience, she wishes to marry for love. When her father insists on the marriage, will Jasmine agree? Can she learn to love a man she dislikes?

Kiara O'Neill and her young brother Paddy have come to America from Ireland as indentured servants. They begin their servitude working for Bradley, who turns out to be a tyrant. He demands more and more from Kiara, threatening to send Paddy away into slavery if she doesn't acquiesce. Kiara wonders where God is during this ordeal. Does He care about her?

This is the first book in the new Lights of Lowell series. The two storylines of Jasmine and Kiara come together and truly do weave a tapestry of God's hope. Jasmine begins as a naive young woman with a belief that's mostly on the surface. She goes through a transformation that tests everything about her life and causes her to sincerely trust in God's mercy and grace.

The historical detail in A Tapestry of Hope is well researched and adds interest. It's fascinating to learn about life right before the Civil War, and the movement toward the abolition of slavery. Although reading a fictional account of textile mills in the 1800s might seem dull, the authors infuse a great deal of humanity to make it relevant to today. The struggles to trust and to forgive that both Kiara and Jasmine experience are timeless, and the clear Biblical truths will speak to everyone. Those who enjoy historical fiction will fall in love with this new series.

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