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Illusions and Lies: W.I.T.C.H. #6    adapted by Elizabeth Lenhard order for
Illusions and Lies
by Elizabeth Lenhard
Order:  USA  Can
Volo, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This 6th in the series opens and closes with the usual color comics that kickstart interest in the text of the story and in what comes next. Though Illusions and Lies is part of a series, it can stand alone, as the backstory is summarized at the beginning. Five girls at Sheffield Institute are 'Guardians of the Veil' that isolates Earth from incursion by Metamoor's reptilian aliens. The latter live under a dictator, the vain Prince Phobos, in a state similar to that in our own Middle Ages. Unfortunately the turn of the millennium opened portals in the Veil, which Taranee, Irma, Hay Lin, Cornelia and Will must now defend, empowered by magical abilities tied to the elements and by the 'Heart of Candracar'.

These adventures include both normal teen conflicts (Will wants to train for the school swim championships but her mom, who dates her history teacher, insists she has to focus on her grades). And it turns out that said teacher, Mr. Collins, is being impersonated by bad guy Cedric. Taranee's been told by another teacher to photograph bugs, which she hates, and she feels dreamy whenever she sees Nigel, the only sympathetic member of a gang of school bullies. Will and the others come into conflict (stagemanaged by Cedric and their ex-friend Elyon) over her conviction that something's wrong with her history teacher, and monstrous Vathek is infiltrating Metamoor's underground. As usual, events build to yet another fight to close a portal between Earth and Metamoor.

Illusions and Lies is another exciting episode in a fun series about girls juggling the normal stresses of teen life with the added responsibilities of learning to use new powers, saving the world ... and dealing with teachers who are aliens from another planet!

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