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The Prophecy: Daughters of the Moon, Book 11    by Lynne Ewing order for
by Lynne Ewing
Order:  USA  Can
Volo, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Kathryn Sundiang

Catty is a Daughter of the Moon, with the power to turn back time. In this 11th episode in the series, she needs the Scroll, which has the power to destroy all evil. But something is wrong. People are dying because the Scroll is cursed, and Catty doesn't know how to save them.

Catty can't get to the Scroll without risking her friends. She doesn't want to lose them, so she travels to a world totally opposite to hers, the dark world of Nefandus. Initially Catty goes there on her own, but she soon realizes that she needs her friends' help. On Nefandus, Catty meets her father (another dark dad), who is close to the evil Atrox. It turns out that he has a fascinating offer for her, and we wonder what Catty will choose? Will she give in to the dark heritage that has been a part of her for her whole life?

I highly recommend this entire series, because once you read one episode, you are addicted and will surely want the others. I loved The Prophecy and all the previous volumes - Daughters of the Moon is like no other series out there.

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