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Everything About Me Is Fake ... And I'm Perfect!    by Janice Dickinson order for
Everything About Me Is Fake ... And I'm Perfect!
by Janice Dickinson
Order:  USA  Can
Regan, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

There are not many women out there who are able or willing to proclaim to the world that they are perfect ... and fake. However, Janice Dickinson, the world's first supermodel (turned mother and author), makes this tongue-in-cheek claim with wit, honesty, pride, and guts.

Dickinson has walked runways and been photographed in fashion shoots in numerous countries around the world. She gives us the scoop on what the modeling world is really like, delving into her personal experience of striving for the unattainable perfect face and body in the brutal world of modeling, where competition is steep and competitors are cutthroat. In addition to gracing the covers of the top fashion magazines, and being photographed by the fashion world's top photographers, Dickinson has dated celebrities like Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, and Sylvester Stallone, to name just a few. But her memoir goes much further than name-dropping the book is peppered with accounts of interactions between Dickinson and the rich and the famous. Dickinson (who was married three times) also dispenses advice on dating, keeping a man interested, and the reality of love and relationships.

Her memoir takes on a deeper tone when it explores her early childhood and feelings of awkwardness as a young girl, who did not fit into popular social circles and was not a good student. She recalls a turbulent childhood, constantly avoiding sexual advances by her father, while her mother avoided noticing the situation. Dickinson found her calling in modeling and worked her way from the bottom of the heap to the very top of modeling superstardom. She recounts both sorrows and successes, while providing the reader with a bird's eye view of the self-destructive methods that models undergo in an attempt to achieve perfection. Gutsy and confident, Dickinson freely admits that cosmetic surgery is her friend, and that she spent the better part of her modeling career starving herself and working out obsessively, along with overindulging in drugs and alcohol. She takes no prisoners and makes few apologies. She is who she is and the world can take her as is or move on.

Everything About Me Is Fake ... And I'm Perfect! is both entertaining and eye opening. Anyone interested in the 'inner circle' of the modeling world should read this book. Dickinson's no holds barred approach is dishy, yet compelling, as she delivers a positive message loud and clear: be your best and never doubt yourself, but realize that while perfection is desirable, it is not truly attainable. Coming from the world's first supermodel, that is pretty darn good advice.

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