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North Woods Poachers: Tweener Press Adventure Series    by Max Elliot Anderson order for
North Woods Poachers
by Max Elliot Anderson
Order:  USA  Can
Baker Trittin, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Rosemary Taylor

This is the 3rd book in the Tweener Press Adventure Series aimed at early teens - each volume actually has different characters and adventures independent of each other. North Woods Poachers takes cousins Andy and C.J. Washburn on an annual fishing expedition to Canada with their families. Bored by all the fishing, the boys secretly hope to do some exploring on their own this year.

As the families pass through the Canadian border on their way to the cabin they have rented for years and years, they are stopped for the first time ever, because 'security has been heightened by the border guards on the lookout for "animal poachers."' The boys' curiosity is aroused. C.J., an electronic gadget genius, hooks up his computer and they find out all they can about 'animal poachers' through the Internet. The first few days at the cabins are relatively quiet, except for two huge, noisy, black floatplanes that roar into the quiet peaceful lake each night after dark and are gone by daylight. The occupants of the nearby village and the boys' parents are under the impression that the owners of these planes must be rich guys wanting privacy. The boys think something fishy is going on and decide to investigate.

Finally allowed to explore after their 'duty day of fishing with their fathers', Andy and C.J. find way more excitement than they bargained for. They find themselves lone witnesses to an international 'animal poaching' ring. As they gather clues (without any thought at all to their or their families' safety) they are chased by men in all terrain vehicles, outsmart big mean guard dogs with seconds to spare, and are almost overtaken in their small two man dingy by powerful sea-doos - in the dark. The poachers are captured because of Andy and C.J.'s investigation. The boys are heroes. Their parents are proud of them, though somewhat concerned at all the risks they took. Andy and C.J. learn valuable lessons on safety and morals they were lucky this time, but things could have turned out differently; and it does not pay to try to cheat the system.

North Woods Poachers is a wholesome story that focuses on the fun loving adventurousness of young boys. It's well written and moves along at a nice pace while giving just enough information to keep readers guessing.

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